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Squares Results

Super Bowl Squares for the 2023 Season

Results for Board #1

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San Francisco 49ers
Kansas City Chiefs 8 3 0 7 2 4 1 9 6 5
9 Tony Will T. Diana Adam W. Ben H. Moe Charlie F. Will T.
Pam Pete
8 Moe Tony Brian C. Bob Chad Mu. Pam Dave Becki Diana Adam W.
0 Bryan S. Pete Tony
Stevie Aaron Ben H. Michael Moe Brian C. Andy N.
1 John W. Becki Dave Tony Diana Stevie Adam W. Chad Mu. Bryan S. Charlie F.
3 Becki John W. Chad Mu.
Charlie F. Brian C. Brooks Stevie Michael Bob Aaron
4 Aaron Michael John W. Stevie Adam W. Brooks Bryan S. Charlie F. Ben H. Pam
2 Andy N. Brian C. Bryan S. John W. Dave Becki Brian C. Diana Andy N. Will T.
6 Brooks Diana Michael Brooks Brooks Chad Mu. Charlie F. Stevie Pete Pam
7 Adam W. Dave Ben H. Becki John W. Michael Pete Bob Moe Pam
5 Chad Mu. Will T. Bob Aaron Bryan S.
Brent Aaron Ben H. Will T. Tony

Score after the end of the:
Kansas City Chiefs 0 3 13 19 25
San Francisco 49ers 0 10 10 19 22

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