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  • Superbowl Squares

    How To Play

    • Select up to 5 squares on the 10 by 10 grid.

    • Once the board is filled, random numbers will be drawn such that each digit 0-9 go across the top and down the side.

    • At the end of each quarter, take the last digit of the score and find which square corresponds with those digits.

    • The person with that square wins!

    • Do the same thing at the end of each quarter. Winner of each quarter gets $100 with the winner of the final score getting $200.

    • If the game goes to overtime, the 4th quarter winner will get $100 and the end of overtime (final score) winner will get $100.

    • See example below: Score is 7-7 at the end of the first quarter and the 7-7 square belongs to Ryan C. The score is 38-35 at the end of the game and the 8-5 square (the last digits) belongs to Phil.