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Bracket Results

Each correct pick is worth 2round-1 points, where round ranges from 1 to 6. PPR is the Possible Points you have Remaining in your bracket.
Tiebreak is the absolute value of the difference between your pick for the championship game combined score and the actual score.
Click a name to view that person's bracket.

Name Score PPR Delta
Champion Pick
Final Four Picks
Blake's 'Air Force'10802ConnecticutCreighton, Providence, Xavier, Connecticut
Warren7605DukeArizona, Duke, Texas, Connecticut
Charlie W.6007AlabamaAlabama, Purdue, Houston, Connecticut
Pete59010TexasAlabama, Purdue, Texas, Kansas
Ryan A.5801PurdueAlabama, Purdue, Miami (FL), Kansas
Charlie F.57030AlabamaAlabama, Duke, Texas, Gonzaga
I love Jay Bilas5504ArizonaArizona, Duke, Texas, Connecticut
Kelly5403GonzagaArizona, Purdue, Houston, Gonzaga
FDU: Hold my beer.5405TexasAlabama, Duke, Texas, Connecticut
Isaac B.54010HoustonAlabama, Marquette, Houston, Connecticut
Aaron54028AlabamaAlabama, Marquette, Texas, Gonzaga
Cindy J.53016KansasAlabama, Purdue, Houston, Kansas
Steve J.53016AlabamaAlabama, Purdue, Houston, Kansas
Will T.53028HoustonAlabama, Duke, Houston, Kansas
Jeff5202KansasArizona, Purdue, Houston, Kansas
Bryan S.5203HoustonAlabama, Marquette, Houston, Kansas
Stephen B.5203ArizonaArizona, Kansas State, Houston, Kansas
Caleb52020AlabamaAlabama, Purdue, Texas, Connecticut
Andrew S.52051HoustonAlabama, Duke, Houston, Kansas
Dan G.50013PurdueAlabama, Purdue, Houston, Gonzaga
Bruce50015KansasAlabama, Marquette, Texas, Kansas
.com told me to change my bracket name50030HoustonVirginia, Purdue, Houston, Gonzaga
Brian H.49017GonzagaVirginia, Marquette, Houston, Gonzaga
Melissa4803GonzagaAlabama, Marquette, Houston, Gonzaga
Jason4700TexasArizona, Memphis, Texas, UCLA
Stevie4705AlabamaAlabama, Marquette, Houston, Kansas
Adrian47011VirginiaVirginia, Purdue, Houston, Kansas
Jeff J.47021HoustonAlabama, Duke, Houston, Gonzaga
Shelly47028AlabamaAlabama, Purdue, Houston, Kansas
John W.47036PurdueAlabama, Purdue, Texas, Kansas
Seeds470134AlabamaAlabama, Purdue, Houston, Kansas
Mike G.4605AlabamaAlabama, Marquette, Xavier, Kansas
Moe46027TexasAlabama, Marquette, Texas, Kansas
Chad Mu.4501KansasArizona, Kansas State, Houston, Kansas
Matthew45010AlabamaAlabama, Duke, Texas, UCLA
Take these picks to the Train Station45020KansasBaylor, Marquette, Indiana, Kansas
Gary K.44015PurdueAlabama, Purdue, Indiana, Gonzaga
Elon stole my checkmark44015MarquetteArizona, Marquette, Houston, Kansas
Jim M.44021KansasArizona, Purdue, Houston, Kansas
LemonOreosAreCringe44022DukeAlabama, Duke, Houston, UCLA
Frenchy should’ve just lit $10 on fire4308PurdueAlabama, Purdue, Houston, UCLA
It was not my year43013XavierBaylor, Kansas State, Xavier, St Mary's
Andre4202HoustonAlabama, Duke, Houston, Kansas
Tony4107HoustonBaylor, Marquette, Houston, Gonzaga
Brent41030GonzagaArizona, Marquette, Texas, Gonzaga
John P.40018PurdueArizona, Purdue, Indiana, Kansas
Matt T.3908KansasArizona, Purdue, Houston, Kansas
Chad Mo.39015KansasArizona, Kentucky, Houston, Kansas
Andy N.39020UCLAAlabama, Purdue, Houston, UCLA
Effed39021GonzagaArizona, Duke, Iowa, Gonzaga
Paul38023UCLAArizona, Duke, Houston, UCLA
Steven3703PurdueArizona, Purdue, Iowa State, UCLA
Jim T.3706HoustonAlabama, Marquette, Houston, UCLA
Phil37013GonzagaVirginia, Marquette, Houston, Gonzaga
Kyle37016PurdueAlabama, Purdue, Houston, Gonzaga
Bobbi37045ArizonaArizona, Purdue, Indiana, Kansas
Sam J.3604ArizonaArizona, Marquette, Indiana, UCLA
Dana36016MarquetteAlabama, Marquette, Texas, UCLA
Mark T.35015XavierArizona, Duke, Xavier, Gonzaga
James C.35015HoustonAlabama, Kansas State, Houston, UCLA
Brian C.35025GonzagaArizona, Purdue, Indiana, Gonzaga
Liz34047HoustonAlabama, Memphis, Houston, UCLA
Brooks3109HoustonBaylor, Marquette, Houston, UCLA

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